Take good care of your concentrator!

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Take good care of your concentrator!

If you depend on your oxygen concentrator, it is important it will never fail on you. Luckily the Inogen One concentrators are very reliable. Nevertheless we want to give you some tips to extend the lifespan of your concentrator.

Are you taking care of your concentrator?

The Inogen One portable oxygen concentrators are virtually maintenance free. That doesn't mean there's nothing you can do to prolong the lifespan of your concentrator. Here's some advice:

• Use your concentrator regularly! There's no need to spare your Inogen just to avoid getting a lot of hours on the clock. The Inogen One concentrators are made to run 24/7, and will happily do so. Using the concentrator regularly will prevent moist from getting inside the system.

• Clean that filter! Oxygen concentrators constantly suck in fresh air through the filter. After time, depending on the environment the concentrator is used in, the filter will get clogged with dust and other small particles. Simply remove the filter and wash it out with water. Make sure to dry it before putting it back in!

• Are you planning on not using the concentrator for a while? Remove the battery! The concentrator will slowly drain the battery if it's inserted. We advise to store the battery removed from the concentrator, with a 40% charge. 



  1. Erik Erik

    Dear Heather, your Inogen One G2 oxygen concentrator has an internal oxygen sensor that continuously checks the produced oxygen purity. The low oxygen warning means the purity is below 82%. The sensor needs 10-20 minutes before giving an accurate measurement, this is the reason it takes some time before the message comes back when you have turned off the concentrator.

    I'm afraid the concentrator requires repair. If you would like us to coordinate this for you, please send us an email.

  2. Heather Laughery Heather Laughery

    I have a indigen one g2 and I use it at work for around 10 to 12 hours a day it will sometimes do the low oxgen warning if I turn off and back on it stops for awhile but comes back on usually around the times a day and suggestions??

  3. Erik Erik

    Dear Rain,
    if the oxygen low message returns despite replacing the columns, there is an underlying issue causing the error. I'm afraid the concentrator requires repair. The company from whom you have bought the machine should take care of this for you. If they can't or won't, please send us an email and we'll help you out.

  4. Rain Rain

    I have a inogen one G3. I recently replaced the sieve columns, after a few days the oxygen low kept showing up. What could be the cause of this error?

  5. Erik Erik

    Hi Daniel,

    thank you for your message. Good to hear you like the G2! The Inogen One concentrators have an internal oxygen sensor that continuously measures the oxygen purity. If the purity drops below 80%, the concentrator will display the 'O2 low' warning. If this is the case, you are not receiving the proper oxygen therapy you need, so it is important to act on it. You can contact the company from whom you have bought the machine to take care of this for you. If that is not an option, we would be happy to help you as well. In that case, please give us a call or send us an email!


    Hi folks, I have an Inogen One G2 concentrater and I find it very good but lately I find that the little red light is coming on a lot especially if I'm in an enclosed area and it says on the machine low oxygen what is causing the problem please

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