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Respiratory therapy

Respiratory therapy

Healthy and free breathing considerably increases your overall well-being. Fortunately, there are various products that can help you achieve this goal. For a complete therapy it is not only important to train your respiratory muscles and loosen stuck mucus, but also to monitor your breathing and lung condition. This allows you to breathe better, in the short and long term.


For whom is respiratory therapy suitable?

Especially for people with chronic lung diseases and respiratory diseases such as COPD, asthma and cystic fibrosis (CF) who want to improve their breathing.


Improve your breathing and lung function with a respiratory muscle trainer

You can achieve better breathing by training daily and loosening stuck (bronchial) mucus. In order to achieve this goal, it is important to strengthen your inspiratory and expiratory muscles with a respiratory trainer or PEP device. Devices that train your inspiratory muscles (such as the Philips Threshold IMT) ensure that your respiratory tract becomes wider, allowing more air to flow in and out. PEP devices that train your expiratory muscles (such as the Philips Threshold PEP) allow you to loosen mucus. Afterwards, you can eliminate the mucus by "huff coughing". With advanced OPEP tools such as the Cegla RC-Cornet and RC-Cornet PLUS, you can train your inhalation and exhalation at the same time. You can easily connect a nebuliser to the RC-Cornet PLUS! OPEP devices have an oscillating effect to loosen mucus even more.


Respiratory monitoring

Respiratory therapy is intended to improve your breathing and lung condition step by step. In order to have an overview of your progress, you can perform a lung function test with a peak flow meter (for asthma) or a spirometer (for asthma, COPD and other chronic diseases). A peak flow test or spirometry test allows you to monitor the most important lung function parameters over a long time. Peak flow meters and spirometers identify potential health risks. These monitoring devices display your parameters and warn you if your values are (considerably) lower than normal so that you can contact a doctor if necessary.


Extra comfort: before, during and after your therapy

Oxygen therapy and respiratory therapy can cause the mucous membranes (mucosa) on the inside of your nose and throat to dry out or become irritated. The weather conditions can also have an impact on your mucous membranes. Throughout the year you may suffer from a dry nose and throat due to dry air in the winter or hay fever in the summer season. Comfort products make the mucous membranes healthy again, reducing your symptoms and making you less susceptible to acute infections.


Clean your products for optimum hygiene

As with many other medical devices, it is very important to properly clean your products. Some of them you can boil in hot water. The Cegla RC-Cornet Microwave Cleaning Bag is also very useful. In addition, a respiratory therapy product should be used by one single person only because of the risk of cross-contamination. This allows you to keep bacteria and germs at a distance!

The products in this category can be combined perfectly with oxygen therapy and sleep therapy. Please contact us if you have any questions! Our product experts are happy to help you.