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CAIRE Eclipse 5 accessories

Are you using an Eclipse 5 portable oxygen concentrator? On this page you'll find an overview of all our Eclipse 5 accessories: from a replacement filter to a wheelchair pack!
CAIRE Eclipse Battery
CAIRE Eclipse External Battery Charger
CAIRE Eclipse 5 Filter
CAIRE Eclipse Wheelchair Pack
CAIRE Eclipse Protective Cover
CAIRE Eclipse Humidifier Adapter Kit
DeVilbiss Starter Kit for Oxygen Concentrators
CAIRE Eclipse 5 AC Power Supply
CAIRE Eclipse 5 DC Power Supply
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CAIRE Eclipse 5 accessories

In our online store, you’ll find a wide range of Eclipse 5 accessories and replacement parts. With the Eclipse 5 portable oxygen concentrator from CAIRE you’ll receive a battery, a cart, a bag for the accessories, an AC power supply, a DC power supply and an extra filter. Are you going out longer with your oxygen machine? Then we advise you to opt for an extra battery. Many oxygen users prefer to charge one battery while it’s in the concentrator and the other in the external battery charger. This external charger is available separately. Are you going to travel by plane? Please contact your airline in advance! Most airlines will ask you to take one or more (extra) batteries with you, especially during longer flights.

To protect the Eclipse 5 better against external influences (moisture, scratches and bumps), there is a water-resistant protective cover. The wheelchair pack offers a solution for people who use a push-handled wheelchair. With the 'humidifier adapter kit' you can easily connect a humidifier to the concentrator. You can order the humidifier separately. The CAIRE Eclipse 5 concentrator is almost maintenance free. However, the filter must be replaced at least once a year.

You can easily order Eclipse 5 accessories in our online store!