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CPAP filters - Fine dust filters and gross particle filters

CPAP filters are an important part of your sleep apnea machine. Have a look at our fine dust filters and gross particle filters (foam filters) for CPAP and BiPAP machines from ResMed, Philips Respironics, Fisher & Paykel, Weinmann and DeVilbiss!
HUM Bacterial and Viral Filter for CPAP
ResMed AirSense 11 Air Filters
Intersurgical AirSense 10 / S9 Air Filters
ResMed AirMini Air Filters
BMC PM2.5 Filter
BMC G3 A20 Air Filter
BMC G3 A20 Filter Cap
BMC M1 Mini Air Filters
BMC M1 Mini Filter Cap
Löwenstein Medical Fine Dust Filters
Löwenstein Medical Gross Particle Filters
Philips Respironics DreamStation 2 Filter
HUM Gross Particle Filters for Weinmann SOMNO
HUM Fine Dust Filters for Weinmann SOMNO
HUM Gross Particle Filters for Weinmann SOMNO

Replacing CPAP filters

Replacing the CPAP filter is an important part of the maintenance of your CPAP machine. It is recommended to replace the filter (or filters, if there are more than one) for your own hygiene as well. The filters keep dust, pollen and pet hair at a distance. Thanks to a clean filter, clean air flows into your CPAP mask, providing you a comfortable CPAP therapy. Please read your CPAP (or BiPAP) machine manual for more information on how to replace the filters.


Fine dust filters and gross particle filters

Some machines have both a fine dust filter and a gross particle filter (foam filter), other machines only have a fine dust filter. The air first passes through the gross particle filter, which stops large particles and pet hair. Then the air flows through the fine dust filter, which blocks small (dust) particles. The fine dust filter should be replaced once a month or if it shows discoloration. The gross particle filter should be replaced every six months or when it starts to crumble. We advise you to clean the gross particle filter weekly with a damp cloth. Fine dust filters can’t be cleaned.


CPAP filters for the most popular brands

Each CPAP / BiPAP machine has its own specific filter(s). The way in which the machine indicates the need to replace the CPAP filter varies from model to model. Whether you are looking for a DreamStation filter, an AirSense 10 filter or a Weinmann CPAP filter: in our range you’ll find filters for the most common devices.


TIP 1: Are you looking for a filter for your CPAP machine that we currently do not offer? Feel free to contact us!

TIP 2: Would you like to have even more certainty and protect yourself against germs? Then have a look at the bacterial and viral filter for CPAP! This filter needs to be replaced once a month or if it has a brown colour. The bacterial filter is suitable for any standard hose and mask connection, it’s not placed in your device itself.

TIP 3: Please check your CPAP filters on a regular basis to see if they are still intact and show no discoloration.