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PARI nebulisers

On this page you'll find more information about PARI nebulisers and accessories.
PARI BOY Classic Nebuliser
PARI BOY Classic Year Pack
PARI BOY Carrying Case
PARI Shoulder Bag
PARI Filters (pack of 5)
PARI Filter Holder with Filter
PARI TurboBoy Year Pack S
PARI Adult Mask Soft

PARI nebulisers

PARI is a renowned company from Germany, specializing in respiratory devices with a special focus on nebulisers. PARI nebulisers are known for their high quality. They’re used both at home and in nursing homes.

The PARI BOY Classic nebuliser offers you several advantages. The powerful compressor ensures a fast treatment of your saline solution or liquid medicine. And thanks to the integrated ‘PIF Control’, the aerosols reach the lungs deeply and completely. The PARI BOY Classic nebuliser is quieter than its predecessor, the PARI TurboBOY SX.


Parts and accessories for your PARI nebuliser

You’ll also find parts for PARI nebulisers in our online store. The tracheo set is a necessary part for people who are tracheostomised and would like to nebulize with the PARI BOY Classic or the PARI TurboBOY SX. The individual parts of the compressor nebuliser (the nebuliser itself, the mouthpiece, the connection tubing and the filter) need to be replaced each year. Furthermore, cleaning the various parts is very important. Always follow the instructions of the user manual.

Would you like to order a part that you can’t find in our online store? Feel free to contact us! We’re happy to inform you.