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On this page you'll find different APEX CPAP masks.
Mask type
APEX WiZARD 310 Nasal Mask
APEX WiZARD 320 Full Face Mask
APEX WiZARD 510 Nasal Mask


Are you looking for a comfortable apnea mask with a modern design? Please have a look at the CPAP masks from the Taiwanese company APEX. APEX has won an international award and is becoming more and more popular in Europe. With a WiZARD mask you’ll experience what it feels like to wear a comfortable mask!


Characteristics of the sleep apnea masks from APEX

One of the main characteristics of the sleep apnea masks from APEX is the flexible hose connection for more freedom of movement. The end of this connection hose allows you to connect the APEX WiZARD CPAP mask to the CPAP hose very easily. Disconnecting the mask from the hose is also a piece of cake. A perfect solution if you need to go to the toilet at night! Excess air can find its way out quickly and efficiently thanks to the air vents around the hose connection.

The modern design of the WiZARD masks stands out in a positive way and has an almost futuristic look. Furthermore, the WiZARD 510 nasal mask is very minimalistic. The mask doesn’t have a forehead support, which makes your field of vision completely free… Ideal if you are a side sleeper, have a beard or wear glasses.


Different masks and replacement parts

Whether you’re looking for an APEX nasal mask or an APEX full face mask: you’ll find it in our online store. We invite you to view the product pages of the different masks for more information. Would you like to order a separate mask cushion? Do not hesitate and feel free to contact us! We’re happy to discuss the options with you.