On holiday with a POC

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On holiday with a POC

Enjoy your vacation with your portable oxygen concentrator!

There is nothing better than having a relaxing holiday. Whether you are going on a weekend trip in your own country or to a faraway place by plane: it is absolutely possible to travel if you are on oxygen. Enjoy life to the fullest, recharge your batteries, gain positive energy… These things are of great importance to every person, and all the more so if you suffer from a chronic disease. In this blog post, you will discover the world of portable oxygen concentrators. We will also give you some useful tips.



The portable oxygen concentrator, a perfect device for on the go

The oxygen tank is often prescribed as a standard solution for going out with oxygen. Many oxygen users consider the bottle as heavy and clumsy. It also has a short ‘runtime’. The portable oxygen concentrator (POC) is a perfect solution for this problem. The concentrator itself concentrates oxygen from the ambient air, so you’ll never run out of oxygen (as long as you have power). The device is lightweight, compact and easy to transport. An ideal solution for travelling oxygen users: on the go and on your holiday destination. It will allow you to go out whenever and wherever you want. Will you go on a beautiful beach walk or participate in sport? It’s up to you!


A portable oxygen device works on a battery. You can charge your battery (or batteries, if you have more than one) with mains power or on 12 volts. In our product range, you will find concentrators from renowned brands such as Inogen, Philips Respironics, GCE and CAIRE Inc.



How do I transport my concentrator?

How you transport your device depends on the mode of transport you use and whether you need oxygen during your flight or not. Will you need your concentrator while travelling? Then it is recommended to transport it in a carry bag or on a cart. If you travel by plane and do not need oxygen on board, you can probably take it with you on the plane with the checked baggage. Usually the airline company will ask you to pack the battery with your oxygen concentrator.



Tip: Are you going to a country with a different type of socket? Take a travel plug with you!





Traveling with oxygen

Flying with a POC is absolutely possible.* It is not allowed to bring oxygen cylinders with you. In any case, we recommend you to prepare your flight well. Please contact your treating physician and ask him/her if you’re fit enough to fly. In most cases you should provide a health declaration to your airline. Are you a lung patient and you do not use oxygen on a daily basis? In some cases it is still recommended to use oxygen on board, because the air in an airplane contains less oxygen than on the ground.



Different airlines, different rules

Would you like to use a POC during your flight? Then the device should be approved by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). All portable concentrators in our product range have this approval. This is usually indicated on a sticker on the device. Your airline may ask for a document to prove that the machine has been approved by the FAA. Please contact us if you need such a document.



“Always contact your airline and ask about the conditions for transporting and/or using an oxygen device on an airplane.”



Because these are lithium-ion batteries, their transport is subject to certain conditions. In most cases, the battery may have a maximum capacity of 100Wh (watt-hours). The batteries that you can find in our online store all meet these requirements. It is often necessary – or even required – to take one or more extra batteries on board to cover the flight time and possible delays. We recommend you to charge them before your departure (not on board)!



Car, caravan and camper

Whether you’re planning a short car ride or a long road trip, you can easily transport your portable oxygen machine in your car. When purchasing a POC, a DC power cable is included for use in the car, caravan, camper or boat. Do not leave your oxygen concentrator in your car, especially when it’s hot or cold outside. Always read the user manual of your concentrator and follow the instructions. Would you like to go camping? Usually this is allowed, but we do recommend you to check with the campsite(s) where you want to stay.



Tip: Always take a pulse oximeter with you to your holiday destination. This will allow you to monitor your oxygen level whenever and wherever you want.



Train, bus and boat

In most cases, you can use your portable oxygen machine on the train, bus and boat. We do notice that on the websites of public transport operators, there is little to no information about the use of medical equipment. We advise you to contact the public transport operator if you have any doubts or questions. Or with the travel company, if you want to book a bus trip or a boat trip.



We wish you an unforgettable holiday experience, with portable oxygen!



* The rules for the use of portable concentrators differ per airline. In addition, they are highly subject to change. For this reason, we will not go into too much detail in this blog post. Always contact your airline and ask about the conditions for transporting and/or using a POC on an airplane.



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