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BMC CPAP masks

On this page, you'll find our BMC CPAP masks and more.
Mask type
BMC N5AH Nasal Mask
BMC P2H Nasal Pillows Mask
BMC HU & Filter
BMC HU-Plus & Filter
BMC N5AH Nasal Cushion

BMC CPAP masks

After having impressed CPAP users in Australia, the Chinese company BMC Medical is becoming a major actor in the European market as well. The CPAP masks from BMC of our product range are equipped with an integrated condenser humidifier (waterless humidifier). A perfect solution if you do want to benefit from humidification during your sleep therapy, but not with a humidification chamber. Very handy on vacation! The masks are equipped with a flexible connection tubing with a standard CPAP hose connection.


Characteristics of the sleep apnea masks from BMC

BMC masks are particularly comfortable and have a minimalist design with a free field of vision. This allows you to read a book or watch TV in bed. A BMC CPAP mask with a condenser humidifier is recommended when using the BMC M1 Mini Auto CPAP. The N5AH nasal mask has a comfortable cushion which covers the nose. This mask is available in different sizes. Even more minimalistic is the P2H Nasal Pillows mask, also available in different sizes.

Would you like to know which nasal pillow size you need? Then download a sizing gauge on the product pages of the BMC masks! Print the sizing gauge, cut out the template and hold it against your nose.


Masks and replacements parts available

In our online store, you’ll find several sleep apnea masks from BMC. It’s very important to replace the humidifier with filter (HU or HU-Plus) of the masks with an integrated condenser humidifier on a regular basis. This is the case for the N5AH mask and the P2H mask. It can be a good idea to purchase some replacement condenser humidifiers when ordering your BMC mask – especially if you’re going on vacation!

Do you need a replacement cushion? Feel free to contact us! We’re happy to inform you.