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Inogen Rove 6

The Inogen Rove 6 portable oxygen concentrator has a long battery run time and 6 oxygen settings. The Rove 6 has the same positive features as the Inogen One G5, with a number of improvements!
Inogen Rove 6 (incl. large battery)
Inogen Rove 6 (incl. small battery)
Inogen One G5 / Rove 6 Battery (16 cell)
Inogen One G5 / Rove 6 Battery (8 cell)
Inogen One G5 / Rove 6 External Battery Charger
Inogen One G5 / Rove 6 Backpack
Inogen Cart for G3/G5/Rove 6
Inogen One G5 / Rove 6 Carry Bag
Inogen One G5 / Rove 6 Columns
Inogen One G5 / Rove 6 AC Power Supply
Inogen DC Power Cable
Inogen Rove 6 Gross Particle Filter
Concentrator check-up

The advantages of the Inogen Rove 6

The Inogen Rove 6 portable oxygen concentrator is the successor to the Inogen One G5. Like its predecessor, the Rove 6 has a long battery run time. With the large battery you can use the device for almost 13 hours, with the small battery up to more than 6 hours. It is a light and compact oxygen machine: you can easily take it with you wherever you go. The Rove 6 has an even better design than the G5. For example, the buttons have a bright blue colour so that the device is easier to use. Also, the connection for the nasal cannula ('cannula barb') is ribbed, for a better connection of the cannula. With the Rove 6 you can use oxygen everywhere: during a walk, on the golf course, in the car or in the camper...


Flying with your portable oxygen concentrator

Are you planning to travel by plane and would you like to use your device on board? Then it is important to know that the Inogen Rove 6 is approved for use on airplane. This oxygen concentrator from Inogen meets the FAA guidelines (FAA is an abbreviation of Federal Aviation Administration). Using oxygen on board is often subject to rules. We advise you to contact your airline and ask them for more information.


Accessories and replacement parts

In our online store, you can also find accessories and spare parts for the Inogen Rove 6. The machine comes standard with a battery (a large 16 cell or a small 8 cell), an AC power supply, a DC power cable and a carry bag with shoulder strap. Depending on your needs, you can improve your comfort with a backpack or a cart. If you opt for an extra battery, an external battery charger comes in handy. This will allow you to charge the battery separately from the concentrator. For long flights, taking one or more batteries with you is often a requirement.

The oxygen concentrator is easy to maintain, but there are a number of parts that need to be replaced over time: the columns and the gross particle filters, for example.