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Would you like to purchase a second hand oxygen concentrator? At the top of this page you can see directly what we have available. If there's nothing there, you can contact us to ask if we expect a used concentrator soon.


Only buy a verified used concentrator

All used concentrators we sell, are thoroughly checked by our technicians. They inspect all essential parts, make sure the oxygen purity is up to specification and they download the history log of the concentrator to see if any issues have occurred in the past. After this the concentrator is cleaned and all filters are replaced. This way you are assured of a properly working oxygen concentrator that you can use safely. That’s why we confidently offer a warranty on all used concentrators we sell. How long that warranty is, depends on the age of the machine. Would you like more certainty? Go for a new portable oxygen concentrator, with 3 years warranty.


Advice when buying a second hand oxygen concentrator

If we do not have a used concentrator available and you have found one somewhere else, please be cautious. At first sight, you can’t see if an oxygen concentrator is in good shape. What’s important is the effectivity of the delivered oxygen therapy, not how good the concentrator looks. Nonetheless we would like to give you some advice for purchasing a used oxygen concentrator.

  1. Make sure you have seen (and heard) the concentrator while it’s running, before purchasing. In some cases you can hear it when something is really wrong with the machine. A rattling compressor, loose parts when you gently shake the concentrator? Be smart and look further. 
  2. Use the concentrator for at least 30 minutes. All oxygen concentrators have an internal oxygen sensor that measures the purity of the delivered oxygen. This sensor needs some time before it gives an accurate reading. After about 30 minutes it will give the first reading. The purity needs to be at least 80% or more.
  3. Does the seller advertise with ‘very little hours on the clock’? That’s not an advantage when it comes to oxygen concentrators! The biggest enemy of an oxygen concentrator is moist. And moist is best avoided by using the concentrator regularly. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad when the machine only has a few operating hours, but it also definitely isn’t a good thing.
  4. After time, the capacity of the battery will decrease. Of course for a portable oxygen concentrator, the battery is one of the most important parts: you want to use it to leave the house. So always check what the runtime of the battery is. Is the concentrator in good shape, but the battery isn’t? Purchase a new battery here, with one year warranty.