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ResMed CPAP masks

Are you looking for a CPAP mask from ResMed? On this page, you’ll find our product range of ResMed CPAP masks!
Mask type
ResMed AirFit N20 Nasal Mask
ResMed AirMini N20 Setup pack
ResMed AirMini N30 Mask Pack
ResMed AirMini P10 Mask Pack
ResMed AirMini HumidX
ResMed AirMini HumidX Plus

ResMed CPAP masks

ResMed is a renowned brand in the field of CPAP equipment, CPAP masks and accessories. The Australian company has been helping CPAP users worldwide with solutions for sleep apnea for many years. ResMed AirFit masks offer you a number of benefits.


Most important characteristics of the ResMed AirFit masks

ResMed AirFit masks come with a silicone cushion that offer you a perfect sealing and great comfort. Mask with an 'N' in the product name are nasal masks, while a 'P' indicates a nasal pillows mask. The soft headgear is another important advantage of the AirFit masks. The headgear is easy to adjust. The AirFit N20 mask is a universal mask that fits almost every face. The AirFit N30 and AirFit P10 mask are both minimalistic. AirFit N30 has an 'under the nose' cushion and AirFit P10 has a nasal pillows cushion.


AirMini accessories and spare parts for your CPAP mask

Do you want to use a ResMed AirFit mask with an AirMini travel CPAP? Then you need a number of AirMini accessories, including the AirMini tube and HumidX or HumidX Plus waterless humidifier. With the AirFit N20 mask you can order these accessories separately in the AirMini N20 setup pack. With the AirFit N30 and AirFit P10 mask, you can order the mask and accessories together in the AirMini N30 mask pack and AirMini P10 mask pack.

You can also visit our online store for ResMed mask parts. Are you looking for a spare part that you can’t find on our website? Feel free to contact us! We’re happy to inform you.