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Löwenstein Medical CPAP masks

Have a look at our Löwenstein Medical CPAP masks (nasal masks and full face masks). You can also contact us for mask replacement parts!
Mask type
Löwenstein Medical JOYCEone Nasal Mask
Löwenstein Medical JOYCEone Full Face Mask
Löwenstein Medical CARA Nasal Mask
Löwenstein Medical CARA Full Face Mask
Löwenstein Medical JOYCEone Nasal Cushion
Löwenstein Medical Forehead Support JOYCE Series

Löwenstein Medical CPAP masks

Löwenstein Medical is a German company that specializes in sleep apnea devices, ventilators and accessories. The CPAP masks from this brand offer you a lot of comfort during your sleep therapy. They have a standard CPAP hose connection: Löwenstein masks are easy to connect to the hose. You can find more information about the products on the product pages. This will definitely help you choose a mask that perfectly meets your personal needs!


Characteristics of the sleep apnea masks from Löwenstein Medical

The Löwenstein Medical sleep apnea masks in our range are equipped with a 3D ball-and-socket joint. This joint can swivel 360 degrees, thus offering you more freedom of movement. The air vents at the hose connection help the excess air flow out effectively during your therapy.

The CARA mask is a very lightweight mask. Its nasal version is also available in size XS. Not sure which CPAP mask size you need? In that case you can consider the JOYCEone mask. This is a 'one size fits all' mask, suitable for most head circumferences and nose sizes.


Nasal masks, full face masks and spare parts

Both JOYCEone and CARA are available as a nasal mask and as a full face mask. With the nasal mask, the cushion is placed over your nose, with the full face mask over your nose and mouth. Full face masks are particularly recommended for CPAP users who sleep with their mouth open.

Did you know that you can also contact us for mask parts such as a cushion or forehead support? It can be useful to order (extra) replacement parts when purchasing a CPAP mask, but you can also do this later. In our online store you can find a selection of the options: on request, we can supply more spare parts. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to have more information.