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Beurer Nebulisers

On this page, you'll find Beurer nebulisers and replacement kits.
Beurer IH55 Nebuliser
Beurer IH57 Nebuliser
Beurer IH60 Nebuliser
Beurer IH55 Yearpack
Beurer IH57 Yearpack
Beurer IH60 Yearpack
Beurer Baby Mask

Beurer nebulisers

Beurer is a German company specializing in healthcare, wellbeing and personal care. Nebulisers have been part of the company’s product range for years now. We’ve included different nebulisers in our product range, the IH55 and IH60 for example. The IH55 is a compact mesh nebuliser: a perfect size if you want to use your nebuliser on the go. The IH60 is a compressor nebuliser for home use and on the go. Both nebulisers can be used with a saline solution or with a liquid medicine. Please note: not every type of medicine is suitable for a nebuliser. Contact your doctor if you have any doubts.


Replacement kits for nebulisers from Beurer

For hygienic reasons, it is recommended to replace the individual parts of your Beurer nebuliser at least once a year. Are multiple people going to use the same nebuliser? Then each user must have his or her own replacement kit (yearpack) because of the risk of cross-contamination. In any case, it is important to clean your nebuliser on a daily basis. Always follow the instructions of the user manual.

You can order your yearpack in our online store. The yearpack comes with a mouthpiece, various masks and more. The different parts in the replacement kit aren’t available separately.