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Portable and stationary oxygen concentrators

Portable and stationary oxygen concentrators

Oxygen concentrators have been on the market since the late 70’s. At the time, these large systems were used by hospitals. Over the years, the concentrators have become increasingly lighter and smaller, making them suitable for home use and even portable use as well. Oxygen anytime, anywhere. Complete freedom for the user!


For whom?

Oxygen concentrators are specially intended for people with low oxygen levels in their blood: people with severe COPD, lung cancer or lung fibrosis, for example. Using an oxygen concentrator can increase your life expectancy, which means you can undertake more activities. Pure oxygen flows through your nasal cannula into your lungs.


Continuous flow and Pulse flow

With oxygen concentrators, you can distinguish between Continuous Flow and Pulse Flow systems (also known as Demand Flow). Flow refers to the flow of oxygen. A continuous flow system will give a constant supply of oxygen. To be able to produce a continuous flow of oxygen, these concentrators are generally larger and heavier than pulse flow concentrators. Pulse flow systems deliver oxygen in pulses, not constantly. They detect the moment you breathe in, and give a pulse of oxygen at exactly the right moment. This makes them very efficient so they can be produced small and lightweight. Another advantage of a pulse flow system is that it blows less air into your nose, so it doesn’t dry out as much.


Pre-owned oxygen concentrators

We regularly offer pre-owned oxygen concentrators and related products at competitive pricing. All used concentrators have new filters and they have been cleaned and tested thoroughly by our technicians. This way you are guaranteed a safe and effective oxygen therapy. All concentrators are sold with a warranty.


Why order at Oxigo?

As official distributor of Inogen and other brands in Europe we can deliver most oxygen concentrators from stock. We have short delivery times and ship free of charge. For questions there are multiple ways to reach us. To speak to us directly, give us a call at 020 32 90 02 09 (UK) or +31 85 0190291 (international) or use our live chat at the bottom left corner of your screen. You can also send an email to [email protected].