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Improve breathing

In our range you’ll find respiratory trainers from renowned brands such as Philips and Cegla. These medical devices are specially designed to strengthen your respiratory muscles and to loosen stuck mucus.

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POWERbreathe Respiron Respiratory Trainer
Medinet Respiprogram Respiratory Trainer
Medinet RESPI-IN-OUT Respiratory Trainer
POWERbreathe Shaker Deluxe
POWERbreathe Shaker Medic Plus
Philips Respironics Threshold PEP Respiratory Trainer
Philips Respironics Threshold IMT Respiratory Trainer
FORUMED Orygen Inspiratory Valve (IMT)
FORUMED Orygen Dual Valve (IMT & PEP)
Cegla RC-Cornet
Cegla RC-Cornet PLUS
Cegla Nebuliser Kit
Cegla RC-Cornet PLUS Nasal Set
Cegla RC-Cornet Valve Tube
Cegla RC-Cornet PLUS Valve Tube
Vitalograph Nose Clip for Spirometry
POWERbreathe Flow-Ball
POWERbreathe Flow-Ball ULTRA

How to improve long capacity? With breathing exercises!

Do you have a chronic lung disease or respiratory disease such as COPD, asthma or cystic fibrosis? And do you want to know how to breathe better? Get rid of phlegm stuck in throat or a chronic cough? Then it is important to do breathing exercises with a respiratory trainer. The respiratory trainers in our range are specially designed for this end and they are easy to use. With one trainer you can strengthen your inhalation, with the other your exhalation. There are also trainers that train both your inhalation or exhalation. For hygienic reasons, a respiratory trainer may only be used by one person. Also, you should clean the product regularly.


How to increase lung capacity?

By training your inspiratory muscles with an IMT (Inspiratory Muscle Trainer) device that is adjustable in pressure, you can strengthen your inspiration. While you inhale through the IMT, a certain resistance is created within the device. If you train on a daily basis, you’ll improve your breathing because more air flows into your lungs.


Widening your respiratory track and loosening mucus

Another goal of respiratory therapy is to train your exhalation muscles using a PEP (Positive Expiratory Pressure) trainer or OPEP (Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure) trainer. The pressure on most of those devices is also adjustable. PEP and OPEP trainers open up your airways, allowing you to take in more oxygen. Thanks to the pressure you can easily loosen mucus stuck in throat. Your airways become cleaner, so you will have less of a chronic cough. Coughing up the mucus is best done by “huffing”. If you need help, you can contact your pulmonologist or physiotherapist.

Please have a look at our comfort products to improve your breathing even more. They not only increase your overall comfort but also protect you from germs.