How do I use a nebuliser?

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How do I use a nebuliser?

What is a nebuliser and how do I use one?

What is a nebuliser?

A nebuliser transforms liquid medication into mist, which allows you to inhale the medication directly into the airways. Nebulisers are normally used by children or adults with a cold, asthma or respiratory disease.


If you have asthma, you do not necessarily need a nebuliser, as you may use a dry-powder inhaler for your medication instead. A dry-powder inhaler is usually as effective as a nebuliser, but a nebuliser requires less effort to deliver medicine. We advise you to contact your doctor whether or not a nebuliser is the best and easiest way for you to get the medicine you need.



How do I use a nebuliser?

  1. Wash your hands with soap before using the nebuliser. This way no bacteria are transferred onto the nebuliser.
  2. Open the medicine container and fill it with medicine. Do not overfill and always take notice of the maximum recommended fill amount.
    Note: Use medication only on the advice of a physician, and check the appropriate inhalation duration and quantity for your needs.
  3. Insert the mouthpiece in your mouth or place the mask over your mouth and nose. Start the device using the on/off button.
  4. Breath slowly and deeply, hold your breath briefly (5 to 10 seconds) and then exhale quickly.
  5. Make sure that after the treatment you switch off the device. Clean all parts with hot water. Now you can start with the disinfection. For disinfection read the manual of your nebuliser.



Benefits of a nebuliser:

  1. User doesn’t need to be able to breathe forcefully, which makes the use of it very comfortable, especially for small children.
  2. Easy to use for taking large doses of a drug.
  3. Nowadays, small portable nebulisers are available that are easy to take with you thanks to their limited size.


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