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Inogen Rove 6 (incl. large battery)
Inogen One G5 (incl. large battery)
Inogen One G3 Backpack
Inogen One G3 Carry Bag
Inogen Cart for G3/G5/Rove 6
Inogen One G5 / Rove 6 Backpack
Inogen One G4 (incl. large battery)
Inogen Rove 6 (incl. small battery)
Inogen One G5 / Rove 6 Battery (16 cell)
Inogen One G3 Columns (High Flow)
Inogen One G3 Battery (16 cell)
Inogen One G5 / Rove 6 Battery (8 cell)
Inogen One G3 (incl. small battery)
Inogen One G5 / Rove 6 Columns
Inogen One G5 / Rove 6 Carry Bag
Inogen Output Filter Replacement Set
Inogen At Home
Inogen One G3 Battery (8 cell)

Inogen is market leader in the field of oxygen therapy and does everything to keep it that way by creating innovative products. Inogen has freed the oxygen user from heavy oxygen tanks by designing lightweight, compact and easy-to-use oxygen concentrator, which increases the freedom and independence of oxygen therapy users.

Portable oxygen concentrators

In 2001, Inogen realized that it should be possible to produce an oxygen concentrator that was small and light enough to carry, and could also be used on battery. Oxygen anytime, anywhere. Complete freedom for the user! Three years later the first Inogen was developed, the Inogen One G1. And since 2006 the Inogen One portable oxygen concentrators are also available in Europe. 


Stationary oxygen concentrator

With the Inogen At Home, Inogen has designed a stationary oxygen concentrator suitable for home use during day and night. This stationary oxygen concentrator is lighter and smaller than standard oxygen concentrators for at home and is therefore very popular.


The oxygen concentrators and accompanying accessories from Inogen are listed above.